Roots of Labor Birth Collective + Aurora Birth Doula Trainings

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About RLBC and Aurora Birth Journey Trainings

Training Details (Read before Applying!)

Program Overview  

Aurora Birth Journey has teamed up with Roots of Labor Birth Collective (RLBC) to offer a dynamic, unique, informational and deeply transformational training. Students who complete the training and attend three RLBC births will have access to becoming members of RLBC. In your training, we bring you several amazing presenters and many important birth leaders in the Bay Area. As a new doula you are mentored by RLBC and other birth leaders on your journey. This is an excellent way to connect deeper to a community of doulas of color, and support clients from various clinics around Oakland.

Negative birth outcomes are astoundingly higher for Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and migrant pregnancies and births. Since these racial and social disparities of negative birth outcomes exist, it is critical that doulas are culturally relevant and educated on: unmedicated and medicated birth, proper healing, and creating ceremony for clients.

Our curriculum empowers students to think critically of the medical industrial complex and of birth professionals. With the support of homebirth midwives, strong birth community leaders, and talented birth workers, we provide interactive curriculum which is effective in creating empowered doulas ready to integrate into the vast birthing community. 89% of Aurora Birth Journey certified students are active in birthwork within four months of certification. Aurora Birth Journey is successful in its delivery of doula trainings because of the following unique approach to birth work:

  • Aurora Birth Journey gives new doulas valuable birth experience by connecting new doulas to clients via a long standing partnership with Roots of Labor Birth Collective (Oakland only)
  • After graduation from the program, students receive six months (and lifelong connections) of peer doula support, effectively integrating new doulas into the vast birthing community
  • Aurora Birth Journey centers people of color and their ancestral lineages of knowledge, creating ceremonies around birth and awakening ageless practices

Training Details:

  • Four days of training (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Monthly peer and group mentorship for 6 months and ongoing support
  • Entry into RLBC for a probationary period
  • Training covers prenatal, labor, postpartum doula support in homebirth and hospital birth. Also covers postpartum doula training
  • Contract templates, resources guides
  • includes over 47+ hrs of training, multiple trainers, free child care
  • Sliding scale $1,000-$1500 (payment plans available)
  • Trades, and barters available upon request

Graduation Requirements:

  • Attendance to all four days for training
  • Attendance to at least 2 of the monthly support groups
  • Three births with Roots of Labor Birth Collective

Placenta Encapsulation Trainings

At this time, we have stopped providing PE trainings

Training Details:
  • Two days of training!
    • Day 1: Four hour introduction to placenta encapsulation
    • Day 2: Six+ hours of accompanied encapsulation
  • Location: Oakland, CA
  • Training covers: sanitation for safety, functions and anatomy of the placenta, spiritual benefits, health benefits, encapsulation of a placenta, contracts, and business tips!