Placenta Encapsulation


Photo Credit: Berenice Dimas

Consuming the placenta after birth is an ancient tradition with many health benefits. Pregnancy, labor, and postpartum is a taxing time for a person and consuming the placenta is a method of increasing energy and replenishing hormones into the body.

Benefits to placenta encapsulation:

  • Increase energy
  • Increase breastmilk production
  • balance hormone levels
  • replenish iron levels
  • supports return of uterus to pre pregnancy state

You will receive the below services for most placentas, depending on the condition I receive them:

  • Placenta pills
  • Prints of placenta
  • Placenta broth
  • Dried umbilical cord
  • Placenta tincture

Photo Credit: Berenice Dimas


  • Discount available for Package Doula Services
  • Sliding scale available

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