I am Elena Aurora. It is my vision to change the world by changing the way we welcome our future leaders into this world. I am honored to care for pregnant people and their families with compassion and expertise. 

Currently, I live in Oakland, California, on land originally tended to by the Ohlone people. I grew up in the South Bay Area, in the Santa Cruz mountains. My mother is Peruvian, and my father is descendent of German immigrants. My ancestors came to this land under the false pretense of a better future, the American Dream.

My journey in reproductive work started as a young person, assisting friends in birth control options, and supporting them in abortions or pregnancies. When I was 19 years old, I self removed an IUD with more gentleness and care than any provider had shone me. It was at this critical moment that I doubted our medical system and the conditions that create them.

In 2014 I attended the East Bay Community Birth Support Project and my doula career began. I also attended Bay Area Doula Project’s Abortion Doula Training that same year.

For 16 months in 2015-2016, I apprenticed as a homebirth midwife with Partera Midwifery, where I learned to integrate ceremony, herbs, rebozo, massage, and connection to spirit in pregnancy care. 

Currently, I organize with Roots of Labor Birth Collective and facilitate Doula Trainings and Placenta Encapsulation Trainings for people of color in Oakland CA, Brooklyn NY, and Riverside CA.

It brings me great joy to live in service to my community. Compassionate nurturing comes easily to me and I am committed to my vision of gentle decolonized birth for the people.

Present and in-tune, I am a quick learner who keeps birth simple.

I am passionate about serving families who are queer, trans*, or people of color. Decolonizing birth is where I exercise my activism because radical birth supports babies of our future and offers the opportunity to be born in a realm outside of corporations, the medical industrial complex, and capitalism. I love serving people who are committed to building family and community outside of these institutions. 

California born and raised, I am queer, vegan, zero-waste and I like to live my politics. I am loyally committed to my vision of changing the world by changing the way we welcome our future leaders. 

There is nothing more sacred than sharing spirit with another being, and this act inspires me to support those who are pregnant; choosing to parent, adopt, or abort.


Elena’s Experience/Trainings

  • Holistic Home Abortion (underground network)
  • Apprentice Midwife at Partera Midwifery
  • Abortion Doula training through the Bay Area Doula Project
  • Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Doula Training through East Bay Community Birth Support Project- a Doula training program for low income, formerly incarcerated, people of color provided by Black Women Birthing Justice and the Birth Justice Project
  • Placenta Encapsulation training with Shawna’s Placenta Encapsulation
  • CPR certified by Red Cross

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